A shopping center project for Rauma has been pending for several years already, the intention being to build a shopping center right in the city center by the channel at Valtakatu 1. The project has raised debate around town, which is understandable since no commercial construction of this magnitude has ever been planned for implementation in the center of Rauma during the course of its history.

The shopping center development plan was on the agenda in 2016 with four appeals lodged against it. The plan has been addressed by the Turku Administrative Court. In August of 2017, the Administrative Court arranged an inspection on the scene and toured the blocks of Old Rauma at the same time. On 24 November, the Turku Administrative Court found the development plan for the west side of the channel to be in compliance with the law. This makes it possible to build the shopping center.

Komissio has been involved in planning the shopping center project since its very beginning. Comprehensive marketing and customer surveys on the Rauma economic area have been conducted. These establish that the shopping center is a project desired by Rauma residents and that upon completion it will bring the city center significant commercial activity, which will also benefit all the commercial enterprises in the city center and vicinity.


It goes well in Turku! The economic area is progressing and growing faster than all of Finland put together. The Mayer Turku shipyard has an unprecedented order portfolio and is making investments while the skilled workers are pleased to be working. In Uusikaupunki, Valmet Automotive is making investments and employing a record-breaking number of personnel as well. An unprecedented construction boom has taken over the Turku economic area. Housing construction is in full swing and there are major construction projects pending. For instance, the infamous Toriparkki project for the construction of a car park underneath Market Square has lurched forward.

New businesses have come to the city center and commerce is prepared to make investments again. The economic area is clearly facing the future with confidence.
Examples of brokerage assignments we have performed are provided below.


COS has opened its second fashion boutique in the Turku city center. People are aware of the fashion consciousness of Turku residents and the city’s historical connection with Stockholm. So, Turku is regarded as the mecca of fashion in many ways and the city has an amazing supply of fashion.


In the spring of 2017, Tokmanni opened a shop of 1,500 m2 in the Kivikukkaro commercial building, located in the pedestrian zone of downtown Turku. This has brought bustling trade downtown so that now customers no longer have to seek bargains elsewhere.

K-Market Hansa

The small, but scrappy K Market brings colour of its own to the supply of Shopping Center Hansa. In addition to the Pirkka products and the variety of other product selections, K Market offers passers-by a tasty breakfast and, as the lunch option, a delectable salad bar from early dawn until late evening.


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